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CEM Prospector Online Prospecting System
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Private Phone Bridge
Holds up to 99 participants. Offer a conference call for prospects, have a meeting with current team members, or make important announcements with key leaders of your organization.

Video Creator
Record videos with the touch of a button! Add a personal touch to the My DFI Live marketing tools and create unique messages for your prospects.

Create Your Own Autoresponders
In addition to the three prefessionally-written autoresponders that you will recieve, you can also create your own messages that prospects will recieve when they respond to your personal ad page. These messages are sent in addition to your defaulted set.

Enhanced Autoresponder Stats
Monitor the number of times your autoresponder messages are opened and clicked on.

Web Conferencing Room
Start a Web Conference from your living room. Invite up to five users to join your live presentation online. Tell your prospects to jump on, or have a team meeting from across the continent!

Unlimited Use Toll-Free Number
Get your own toll-free number for prospects to contact you directly from anywhere in the world! Utilize this tool to help sift and sort through your prospects. Messaging system allows for easy access to your prospects for qualification and follow up.

Fully Automated Marketing Website
Business Marketing site designed specifically to expose people to your DFI opportunity and guide them through the process of becoming a distributor. Prospects can link to your personal website and contact you directly.

Complete State-of-the-Art Back Office
Also known as the Control Center, your My DFI Live Back Office was designed by some of the top Internet Marketers to provide you with all the tools and resources required to build your business, in an extremely user friendly environment. Core features include your our own custom Contact Manager and Calendar system designed specifically to organize all of your various prospects and facilitate quick and easy follow-up!

Multiple Autoresponders
Three fully automated autoresponder sets have been provided with professionally pre-written messages, to maintain constant contact with your leads and prospects. The information presented in the letters specifically details your DFI opportunity.

Broadcast Tool
The broadcasting feature allows you to create and send messages to specific groups of contacts as a one-time blast. You can even schedule when the message should be delivered and maintain a history of the messages you send. You can announce special offers, invite prospects to calls, or even communicate with your downline.

Professionally Created Ad Pages
Also known as lead capture pages, My DFI Live provides several pre-designed ad pages that can be used with your marketing site. View samples of the custom ad pages.

Audio Creator
This feature allows you to create and manage audio files that can be used throughout MyDFILive to reach your prospects in creative ways.

Desktop Notifications and Alerts (DNA)
DNA is a small software application that runs directly on your computer. Its job is to notify you of events that are important to your business, such as: new contact, visits to your website, opening of your emails, watching of your video.

Live Training Calls
Live weekly training calls are provided by the top industry leaders to assist you with your My DFI Live online prospecting system and to teach you how to build a sustainable business.



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Select from DFI-specific and other related pages and broadcast to your neighbors or the nation using your own form of advertising. This exclusive tool will help you build a bigger business faster! See a few of our custom ad pages.

No matter how you use your My DFI Live system, whether it's for emailing, generating leads, managing contacts or Web conferencing, we're here to help. Live Phone Support at Cutting Edge Media is available Monday through Saturday. Just give us a call. 1-800-561-9297.
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